Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week 10 NFL Power Rankings

 1. Green Bay Packers 8-0 ; The Packers are playing the best football in the NFL, OFFENSIVELY. Can anyone stop Aaron Rodgers?
 2. San Francisco 49ers 7-1 ; Alex Smith is NOT getting the credit he deserves. "Experts" are so caught up in the numbers at the quarterback position, but they are forgetting what its really about, Wins and taking care of the football. Smith is having a career year, big thanks to coach Harbaugh.
 3. Baltimore Ravens 6-2 ; Sweeping the Steelers was huge. Joe Flacco is stepping up when his number is called.
 4. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-3 ; 6-1 vs teams NOT named the Baltimore Ravens. Big division game @ Cincinnati.
 5. New York Giants 6-2 ; Have won 3 straight including the big game vs the Patriots. It is true, you cant spell Elite without "Eli". The Giants play @ SF Sunday, should be a good one.
 6. Houston Texans 6-3 ; Andre Johnson has been out and Houston is still rolling. Owen Daniels and Matt Shaub are having a quiet productive season.
 7. Detroit Lions 6-2 ; Coming off their bye week, Detroit has a huge divisional game vs THE Bears.
 8. New Orleans Saints 6-3 ; I still cant get over the loss vs the Rams. New Orleans will have to play a lot better on the road if they want to keep the division lead.
 9. New England Patriots 5-3 ; The Patriots had every opportunity to close that game out at home vs the Giants. The defense will have to play much better, but with Tom Brady, your always in contention.
10. Cincinnati Bengals 6-2 ; No Palmer, NO T.O, NO Ocho-Cinco. So what. Andy Dalton and AJ Green are having great rookie success and Marvin Lewis deserves a lot of credit. The second half of the season is going to be the tough part.
11. New York Jets 5-3 ; The Jets made Buffalo look like the Bills of old. The defense is starting to heat up and what a perfect time with New England's defense doing the opposite.
12. Atlanta Falcons 5-3 ; Now that was what Atlanta's offense was suppose to look like from the start. Despite playing the lowly Colts, the Falcons offense needs to build off that performance going forward.
13. Chicago Bears 5-3 ; Matt Forte is a legit candidate for Offensive Player of the Year, what a big win in Philly.
14. Buffalo Bills 5-3 ; After a strong 3-0 start Buffalo has stumbled a bit. In a tough AFC East, each game should be considered a playoff game for Buffalo.
15. Dallas Cowboys 4-4 ; Two games back behind the Giants, Dallas has a tough one coming up vs the Bills. Tony Romo has to play consistent.
16. Tennessee Titans 4-4 ; Coach Mike Munchak has done a terrific job despite the up and down first half. Hasselbeck better start looking over his shoulder and get some W's or its Jake Locker time.
17. Philadelphia Eagles 3-5 ; Its hard to believe that the Eagles have lost 5 of their first 8 games. Dream Team? This was suppose to be Super Bowl or bust for the Eagles, and its been a BUST.
18. San Diego Chargers 4-4 ; Phillip Rivers has to take care of the ball in the 2nd half the season. The Chargers should win the west, but they have a lot to clean up.
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-4 ; Getting back LeGarrette Blount will definitely help the struggling Bucs. They need the physical running game back and QB Josh Freeman has to step up.
20. Kansas City Chiefs 4-4 ; You win a big one in the division vs the Chargers, then you drop one at home vs a win less Dolphins. I don't get it. Let's not forget the Chiefs are 4-1 in their last 5 games.
21. Oakland Raiders 4-4 ; I personally did not like the Carson Palmer pickup. Call me crazy, but Jason Campbell will be the best option when he is healthy.
22. Carolina Panthers 2-6 ; Cam Newton is worth the ticket and Steve Smith is having one heck of a year. Don't be surprised if Carolina wins 4 or 5 of their remaining 8 games.
23. Denver Broncos 3-5 ; Huge win against the Raiders, It quiets the Tebow haters for a week. Tim Tebow is now 2-1 as the starter this season, oh and they're only 1 game back in the division.
24. Washington Redskins 3-5 ; Look for Shannahan to look to Rex Grossman, again.
25. Cleveland Browns 3-5 ; With rumors that Colt McCoy is on a short leash, I think you have to stick to him. Open up the offense a little, Colt can handle it.
26. Minnesota Vikings 2-6 ; It is now the Christian Ponder era in Minnesota. With Peterson at HB and Jared Allen rushing the passer, the Vikings will have a better 2nd half this season.
27. Seattle Seahawks 2-6 ; At 2-6, the defense is quietly having a decent season. TJ or Whitehurst at QB? I bet they regret not drafting a QB.
28. Arizona Cardinals 2-6 ; Kevin Kolb has been awful. Although I don't think Skelton is any better, Kevin Kolb needs to show he can be the guy in the desert. FAST.
29. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-6 ; Thank god for Maurice Jones-Drew. The one of very few bright spots for the Jaguars.
30. St. Louis Rams 1-7 ; Sam Bradford has to play better, It is safe to say he is having a sophmore slump. I had them winning the game in Arizona then they decided to kick to Patrick Peterson. wow.
31. Miami Dolphins 1-7 ; Huge win vs the Chiefs, the Dolphins won't quit, and they will NOT suck for Luck!
32. Indianapolis Colts 0-9 ; The Colts are struggling to say the least. Will Peyton Manning play this season?

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